You do not need the HNA handicap card.

All you actually need is the HNA Handicaps app and your HNA Player ID. When you go to the golf club where you are playing you can open your round by giving the person at the counter your SA ID or HNA Player ID. You can also open your round at the terminal with your SA ID or HNA Player ID. At the end of the round you enter your score on the app.

• Official handicap card • SAGA affiliation • No hidden costs
• Anyone can join • Easy EFT payment options
Cathedral Peak Golf Club views
Cathedral Peak Golf Club views
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HNA on handicap changes

Dear Golfer

This month we share statistics on the average handicap of all players on the system and compare them to earlier in the year. We have also included a Q&A section to cover frequently asked questions.
Average HCP movement
The following is a table reflecting the movement in average handicaps since the changes to the maximum score introduced at the end of February. This movement is in line with what was expected, with the largest increase in the low handicap categories. The average lady's handicap has gone out by 0.38 of a stroke while the average man’s handicap has gone out by only 0.37 of a stroke.

Handicap related Q & A
Q: What score am I entitled to enter for handicap purposes if I do not complete a hole in a Betterball Stableford competition?
A: You score up to a maximum of 2 over par if your handicap is below 18 and 3 over par if your handicap is 19 and above.
Q: What score do I record if I pick up on the green after my partner has won the hole.
A: Players are encouraged to putt out where possible. If a player picks up on the green he should record the most likely number of putts he would have achieved ie a 2 putt if the ball was far from the hole and a 1 putt if the ball was close. When a putt is conceded the actual score for the hole must be entered, counting the conceded putt as one stroke if it was likely to be sunk.
Q: I am a 13 handicap, when should I record a 2 over for handicap purposes?
A: Players with a handicap between +5 and 18 must record their score up to a maximum of 2 over on any hole regardless of whether they stroke or not.
Q: I am a 27 handicap, when should I record a 3 over for handicap purposes?
A: Players  with a handicap between 19 and 36 must record their score up to a maximum of 3 over on any hole regardless of whether they double stroke or not.
Q: What is the difference between a Forward Tee and a ‘Special’ Senior Tee?
A: A Forward Tee is a full set of tees with an official Stroke Rating by the relevant Provincial Union, it is available for all members to play in the same manner as the middle/club tee and the back tee.
The use of  Senior Tees are discouraged by the SAGA and should only be found at certain clubs on a hole where the front tee still does not allow very senior players to reach the fairway. In this instance a Senior Tee may be made available by the club for certain of their members. The scores entered by players using the Senior Tee would be entered using the rating of the other tees they are playing – either the middle/club tee or the front tee.
Q: Who is allowed to play off the Forward Tee?
A: Any golfer is entitled to play off the Forward Tee in a social round and enter the score for handicap purposes using the stroke rating of the forward tee. For competition rounds clubs are encouraged to allow senior members of 65 years of age and older to play off the front tees and to adjust their handicaps down by the difference in the stroke rating of the two tees being used in the competition.
Q: I always play off the front tee, why do I have to cut my handicap when playing off the Forward Tee in a competition but not in a social round?
A: When entering a score for handicap purposes you record the gross score and the system records the difference between your score and the Stroke Rating (SR) of the set of tees and not par. When playing in a competition the scores are calculated relative to par and since you are playing a shorter and easier course you need to adjust your handicap down by the difference in the stroke rating of the tees. This also applies to ladies when competing against men from tees with different stroke ratings.
Example: a 10 handicap shoots 82 off the middle/club tee - Stroke Rating (SR) 72, Par 72. For handicap purposes the differential is 10 and he played to his handicap. If the same player shoots 80 off the front tee with a Par 72 but SR 70, for handicap purposes the differential would still be 10 and he played to his handicap, although the competition Stableford scores would be 36 points and 38 points respectively.
Q: My friends and I play Matchplay in our social rounds, do I have to enter these scores for handicap purposes?
A: Yes, a player must enter these scores assuming the most likely score for conceded putts or holes. Only club, provincial or national match play competitions are excluded.

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