You do not need the HNA handicap card.

All you actually need is the HNA Handicaps app and your HNA Player ID. When you go to the golf club where you are playing you can open your round by giving the person at the counter your SA ID or HNA Player ID. You can also open your round at the terminal with your SA ID or HNA Player ID. At the end of the round you enter your score on the app.

• Official handicap card • SAGA affiliation • No hidden costs
• Anyone can join • Easy EFT payment options
Cathedral Peak Golf Club views
Cathedral Peak Golf Club views
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Frequently asked questions of European Tour School

FAQ on the European Tour Qualifying School

Q. How can I become a member of the European Tour or European Challenge Tour?

A. The main way to become a member of The European Tour or European Challenge Tour is to go to Qualifying School which takes part in the latter part of the year (September – November).  

All* players who participate at the 1st Qualifying Stage will be eligible for Associate Member 1 of the European Challenge Tour for the following season.

*Exception:  Any player removed from a 1st or 2nd Stage tournament by the European Tour due to conduct or non-competitive performance.  

Q. How do I enter the European Tour Qualifying School?

A. You will need to complete and return the Qualifying School Application Form to the European Tour by the appropriate closing dates as listed on the form. 

Q. Who can enter the European Tour Qualifying School?

A. All male professionals and male amateurs with a handicap of scratch or better are eligible to enter.

Q. Do I lose my amateur status if I enter the Qualifying School?

A. It is not a breach of the Rules of Amateur Status to file an entry for and participate in any Stage of the Qualifying School, providing that you waive your right to prize money prior to each Stage by completing and submitting the appropriate forms before competing at each venue.  

Q. Are there age restrictions on entering the European Tour Qualifying School?

A. No but under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.

Q. How much does it cost to go to Qualifying School?

A. The entry fee will be £1,350 for all entrants – regardless of which Stage or Stages are played. The entry fee does not include travel and accommodation which are the responsibility of each participant. 

Q. Is it easy to withdraw and can the entry fee be reclaimed?

A. An entrant can withdraw quite simply by contacting the European Tour Entries Department by telephone, email or fax indicating their intention.

If a player withdraws prior to the closing date, a full refund will be given and if it is after the closing date (and he does not compete), a refund of £1,250 will be given.

Once a participant tees off (or is absent on the tee) he is no longer eligible for any type of refund.

Q. How does the 1st Qualifying Stage work with 4 Sections for 1st Stage and 2 venues in each Section?

A. An entrant can select his preferred venue by entering 1,2,3,4 against the appropriate venues. (With 1 being his preferred choice.)

Entries for each venue will be accepted in the order in which they are received and the entry fee processed. Therefore in order to secure your preferred venue it is recommended that your application is submitted well before the close of entries. 

Q. When will I be notified of my allocated venue for 1st Stage?

A. If you have been successful in securing your chosen venue you will be notified by email as soon as your application form and entry fee has been processed. 

Venue allocation lists for all players will be available 2 days after the close of entries.

Q. How many entrants get through from 1st to 2nd Stage?

A. It is anticipated that there will be over 700 participants at 1st Stage and around 25% will go through to 2nd Stage. The exact number of qualifiers will be determined during the respective Sections of 1st Stage.

Q. How many entrants progress from 2nd Stage to the Final Stage?

A. It is anticipated that there will be approximately 310 participants at 2nd Stage and around 80 (25%) will progress to the Final Stage.  The exact number of qualifiers will be determined during the week of 2nd Stage.

Q. How many players get a ‘Tour Card’ through the Qualifying School?

A. The leading 25 players (and ties) at the Final Stage will be eligible for Category 15Membership of the European Tour for the following season and Category 5 of the Challenge Tour.

Players who make the cut but finish below 25th place will be eligible for Category 20 Membership of the European Tour and Category 9 Membership of the Challenge Tour for the following season.

Players who miss the cut at the Final Stage will be eligible for Category 15 Membership of the Challenge Tour for the following season.

Q. If I earn a ‘Tour Card’, how many tournaments will I be able to play on the European Tour?

A. This will vary from year to year; however, the average minimum number of opportunities for Tour School graduates (Category 11b) over the past 10 seasons is 18 tournaments.

Q. If I finish in the top 25 of the Qualifying School, how do I retain my European Tour Card for the following season?

A. You will need to earn enough money to finish in the top 110 of the Race to Dubai (European Tour Order of Merit) or win a tournament.  In 2012 the 110th placed player earned €203,365.

Q. How many Qualifying School Graduates normally retain their ‘Tour Cards’?

A. This will vary from year to year – Since 2005 the highest number of players retaining their cards has been 12 and the lowest has been 5.  (Please note that the number of cards issued was reduced to 25 and ties in 2012).

Q. Does the European Tour provide accommodation?

A. No, the European Tour is not responsible for providing or securing accommodation for the participants.. However, any accommodation information provided by the venues will be published on the ET website and circulated to the participants.

Q. Does the European Tour provide transport from Airport and Hotels?

A. No. Players will have to organise their own transport to and from Golf Course, Airport and Hotel.

Q. What are the rules of golf during Qualifying School?

A. Rules governing play will be the following:
• The Current R&A Rules of Golf 
• The current European Tour Conditions of Competition and Local Rules
• The local rules of the host club as approved by the Tournament Director

In addition, all participants are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the European Tour Code of Behaviour as contained within the Members Regulations Handbook.

Q. Are there exemptions from 1st Stage and 2nd Stage?

A. Yes, a number of exemptions are available depending on current status and playing achievements. . For full details please refer to page 1 of the Qualifying School Entry Form for exemptions from 1st Stage and page 2 for exemptions from 2nd Stage.

Q. Do you need to have a caddie at the Qualifying School?

A. No, caddies are not mandatory and players are permitted to use trolleys.

Please note that no player may caddie for another participant at the same venue
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